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Anti-Polymer Antibody Assay (APA Assay)

The 96-well APA ELISA Test Kit cannot be sold in the U.S. during the FDA clinical trials period, but it is available in other countries. The Kit is manufactured for Autoimmune Technologies by Corgenix Medical Corporation and is distributed as part of the Corgenix REAADS product line by Corgenix, by Corgenix (UK) Ltd., and by other Corgenix affiliates. The patented REAADS APA Test Kit is a semi-quantitative ELISA which detects IgG anti-polymer antibodies (APA) and identifies certain fibromyalgia patients. Current data suggests that APA-positive fibromyalgia patients comprise the majority of fibromyalgia patients. The APA Test Kit is intended for use: (1) as an aid in the diagnosis of patients presenting with the symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia syndrome; (2) as an aid in differentiating fibromyalgia patients from patients with other autoimmune diseases, such as lupus (SLE); and (3) as an aid in identifying a subgroup of fibromyalgia patients who are manifesting a symptom-associated immune response. The REAADS APA Test Kit is covered by U.S. and European patents and other patents and patent applications.

  • The patented REAADS APA Test Kit detects IgG anti-polymer antibodies (APA) in human serum
  • The presence of the antibodies distinguishes fibromyalgia patients from other autoimmune disease patients
  • The O.D. correlates closely with various clinical measures of fibromyalgia symptom severity
  • Results are reported in semi-quantitative units
  • The easy-to-use test can readily be automated

To order the APA Test Kit, go to the Corgenix On-Line Product Catalog

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