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Anti-Polymer Antibody Assay (APA Assay)


The patented Anti-Polymer Antibody Assay, or APA Assay, has been shown in studies published in The Lancet and The Journal of Rheumatology to detect anti-polymer antibodies in the majority of patients with fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia-like symptoms. A study presented at the International Myopain Society's Sixth World Congress on Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia in July 2004 showed that the titers of these antibodies correlated with nine separate clinical measures of fibromyalgia severity, including anxiety and depression as measured on a visual analog scale. The Myopain 2004 data is now being prepared for publication.

The Company is conducting FDA clinical trials of the APA ELISA Kit as an aid in diagnosing fibromyalgia patients, in differentiating fibromyalgia patients from patients with lupus and other autoimmune disorders, and in determining which fibromyalgia patients are experiencing this unique, symptom-associated immune response.

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